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Choosing a venue for your upcoming event is one of the important steps to do so you can set up the tone for your entire event with ease. You must remember to ask the right questions so you can enjoy a smoother process of finding the right venue for your upcoming event.

If you are planning for an event and you do not know what to do first, don’t worry because Roy General Store in Roy, Washington can help you out. In this blog post, we will be sharing the twelve questions to ask before booking an event venue. Make sure to continue reading below to find out more information. 

What is the availability of the venue?

If you are planning to book a venue for your upcoming event, you must ask if your preferred dates are available. If the venue you are eyeing is always fully booked, you have to plan and schedule at least six months before your event.

Big and popular venues might be fully booked one year ahead so make sure to call them and ask for their availability. You must also determine if you will be flexible with dates as there is a higher possibility of getting into your dream venue. 

What is the maximum capacity of the venue? 

When choosing a venue for your upcoming event, you must ask them the maximum capacity it can hold. This will help you decide on how many guests to invite, the catering menu, the overall budget, etc. A large guest count can be more expensive because food and beverage will be calculated per head. 

How long can we stay on the premises? 

If you are planning to rent a venue for a couple of hours, you must ask them how long you have so you can decorate and occupy the space. You must also ask how long you can stay so you can advise your guests when they have to leave so you can do the cleanup after the event. Most of the time, venues will charge an hourly fee if you go over your allotted venue rental time.

How much is the rental cost of the venue?

You must ask for the total rental cost of the venue and ask for a breakdown of what will be included for that price. You must also inquire if there will be extra fees or surcharges that will be added to your rental price so there will be no surprise additional fees after the event. 

Is event insurance necessary?

Nowadays, most event and wedding venues require special event insurance to be obtained by their clients. Obtaining insurance is manageable and it normally costs around 150-300 dollars, depending on the budget of the event. You must also inquire if the vendors must also be insured to work at the venue during the event. 

What are the requirements when booking an event?

You must ask the venue what they require so you can book your event in advance. Most venues will require a reservation fee to secure a venue on your preferred date. You must ask about their payment schedule, how it will be paid, when the contract needs to be signed, and how many walkthroughs are needed. 

What is included in the service package?

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Event venues are usually offered as full-service or venue only. If you will avail of the full-service option, it usually includes everything that you will need for the event so you can have extra time to allocate for planning the other aspects of your event.

Full-service venues provide the venue, decorations, and catering services. If you prefer to book the venue-only option, you will only be booking the space and you still have to hire the caterers, waiters, and decorators. The full-service option is convenient while a venue-only option provides you with endless customization. Choose what you want and let them know so they can provide a quote and contract for your upcoming event.

Are tables, chairs, and linens included in the package? 

You must ask the venue if the tables, chairs, silverware, and linens will be provided so you can allocate your budget to other aspects of your event. If they won’t be providing them, you can ask them for recommendations on where you can rent them from. 

Does the venue have an allotted parking space? 

One important question you have to ask the venue is if there are enough parking spaces available to cater to you and your guests. If they do not have a parking lot, you have to ask them or find a nearby parking space that you can rent out for your upcoming venue. This way, you can organize a shuttle service for your guests going to your venue. If not, you must choose a venue that has enough parking for your family and your guests. 

Can we view a sample contract? 

Before signing a venue contract, you must ask for a copy of the contract and check everything and make sure to read them thoroughly. If you have any questions about it, ask them before signing so everything will be clear and you can avoid any surprise additional fees. 

Is a damage deposit necessary?

Most venues will require a damage deposit, so ask them how much you have to pay, what is the method of payment, and when it is due. They usually refund deposits if no damage was caused during your event. 

What is your refund policy? 

You must ask the venue regarding their refund policy before you sign the contract. This is important so you know your options in case you need to make changes to your upcoming event. You must also inquire if they have a non-refundable deposit which is needed to secure your preferred date.

If you want a stress-free event in Roy, Washington, you can rely on Roy General Store for your event venue needs. Contact us if you want to know about our venue rental pricing plans. We have an in-house catering that offers different food and beverage choices that can cater to you and your guests’ needs. If you want to check out our place, please let us know, we can accommodate you anytime.

Our store is located at 104 McNaught Rd S Roy, WA 98580. Please give us a call at 253-459-2124 or send an inquiry email to What are you waiting for? Make sure to choose Roy General Store for your event venue needs! 


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