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A rustic wedding theme may be right for you if you prefer a laid-back, relaxed feel on your special day. This style employs nature-inspired materials and outside spaces to create a relaxing ambiance that invites interacting, conversing, and having a nice time (with a bit of country flair). Read below for all of the information on how to pull off a rustic wedding, as well as some of our top rustic wedding decor and other inspirations to incorporate into your event.

All about rustic-themed weddings

Rustic weddings are largely inspired by nature and the outdoors. Rustic weddings are frequently associated with rural settings, like barns and other countryside venues, but with the right approach, you can achieve this laidback vibe virtually anywhere. Burlap, baby’s breath, mix-and-match vases, barrels, wood slices, and galvanized metal are common features in rustic wedding decor. You can achieve a classic rustic wedding theme by including lovely touches such as chandeliers, foliage garlands, candles, and string lights.

Best rustic wedding venues

Barns, ranches, and farms are the most common rustic wedding settings. Because of their outdoor and pastoral settings, these are ideal venues for rustic weddings. Rustic style and summer weddings are also commonly held in vineyards, mountain lodges, and parks or campers.

Some barns and farms may close for the winter or early spring, especially if you live in a region that gets heavy snowfall. This implies that throughout the winter, you’re more likely to be constrained to typical indoor settings, necessitating extra decor to get a genuinely rustic look. If you find a rustic wedding venue that is available throughout the winter, inquire about the venue’s severe weather policy, and make a “Plan B” in case Mother Nature has other plans. Barns can also be cold in the winter, so inquire with the venue if they have space heaters available. If so, you’ll need to consider the additional cost of renting them to keep everyone warm and cozy during your wedding event.

Best rustic colors for a wedding

One of our favorite aspects of the rustic wedding style is its versatility. It works with various color palettes, each of which can help you create a unique look based on your decor.

Yellow and navy, burgundy and orange, and coral and turquoise are all popular rustic color combinations. Stick to a softer color pallet with pastel hues like blush, light blue, mint green, or even gold for a rustic-chic aesthetic.

Decorating for a rustic wedding

Handmade details, rugged accent features, and repurposed vintage items are essential in the rustic wedding décor. Before you begin planning your rustic wedding decorations, you must first select if you want your wedding to be conventional rustic or rustic elegant.

Outdoor materials, such as hay bales, twine, raw wood pieces, and antlers, are prominent in traditional rustic decor. Traditional rustic weddings often feature burlap wedding table runners, mason jars, and baby’s breath. You can also play up the pastoral concept by including seasonal touches like sunflowers in the summer and acorns and pumpkins in the fall.

The rustic-chic design is all about creating a relaxed yet sophisticated environment. This modern take on traditional rustic decor maintains the key principles while adding romantic and classic details, like foliage, whitewashed chairs, and subdued metallic accents. 

Best rustic flowers for wedding

Because a rustic wedding is all about creating a warm atmosphere, you’ll want your bouquets, centerpieces, and other flower arrangements to be loose and undone. That is, nothing too perfect or too ordered.

Most flowers complement the rustic decor, but we especially like sunflowers, daisies, roses, delphinium, dahlias, poppies, hydrangeas, and lots of foliage. Baby’s breath is synonymous with rustic elegance, but other whimsical elements such as Queen Anne’s lace, Craspedia, goldenrod, and even cotton puffs look just as wonderful.

Best rustic wedding attire ideas 

Exchange vows in the enchanting courtyard, tent, and pergola set amidst a stunning garden at Old General Store Wedding and Event Center.

Because of the laid-back environment typical of rustic wedding venues, a rustic wedding theme generally allows for a casual dress code. If your ceremony is being held in a 200-year-old barn or a field on the outskirts of a forest, expecting your wedding guests to wear suits and ties and floor-length dresses may not be the most practical option.

When choosing your attire, keep the location in mind.  If you’re wearing a wedding gown, smaller silhouettes in lightweight, breathable fabrics are great for rustic settings. This will offer you lots of room to walk around—essential if you’re getting married outside. With a more informal dress code, you should keep your accessories reasonably understated, but don’t be afraid to have some fun with them! This is an occasion to wear items that could appear inappropriate in more professional settings, such as wearing a pair of sandals, flats, or even cowboy boots instead of stilettos. 

If you’re going to wear a suit, go for a relaxed fit in a lightweight fabric like cotton, linen, or seersucker. These looks are still sophisticated without being overdressed, and they are excellent for warmer weather. Wool suits are an excellent choice for rustic weddings held in cooler weather. Wear a button-down with dress pants, a tie, or suspenders for the ultimate laid-back style.

Best food to have at a rustic wedding

We enjoy the look of buttercream frosting on rustic wedding cakes because it gives them a more relaxed look. Decorate each tier with fresh flowers or greenery, or opt for a naked or semi-naked cake instead of all-over frosting. Fondant offers your wedding cake a smoother appearance and can be customized with a fake bois design or burlap ribbons for added rustic appeal.

Rustic weddings are an excellent opportunity to experiment with new desserts—homemade pies, doughnuts, waffles, and pie pops are just a few of our favorites. Pies are especially appropriate for rustic fall weddings because they can use seasonal ingredients such as pumpkins and apples. You can offer pies with your standard cake or send pre-boxed slices or tiny pies home with your guests as favors. As rustic wedding favors, we also like cupcakes, candy apples, and flavored kettle corn.

Rustic Wedding Venue in Roy, WA

Dance the night away on a generous dance floor that also doubles as seating for your ceremony at Old General Store Wedding and Event Center.

The rustic wedding has become a popular choice for couples to make their wedding a little less traditional and a little more personal. Many couples are finding that the rustic wedding offers the perfect mix of elegance and simplicity and can be customized to fit their personalities and wedding theme. 

Old General Store Wedding and Event Center in Roy, WA, is a unique venue location that offers an alternative to traditional wedding venues. Our venue offers the charm of a barn, with the modern amenities of a contemporary venue. Our wedding and event center is the perfect venue for any couple who wants a rustic setting but still wants to have the modern amenities of a traditional venue. Our venue is located on the outskirts of Roy, Washington, and is only a half-hour from downtown Seattle.

We can accommodate up to 100 guests for ceremony and reception, and we specialize in creating unique and personal ceremony and reception areas.

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