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Brunch weddings have become popular nowadays. Not everyone wants to dance all night long and party during a wedding. If you want to have a low-key and intimate wedding and you are planning to have a brunch wedding, you came to the right place. Here at Roy General Store, we will share everything you need to know about a brunch wedding. If you want to know more information, keep scrolling below to find out. 

Early Preparation 

A brunch wedding means you have to prepare early in the morning. You must prepare to wake up earlier so you can do all the necessary preparations, such as hair and makeup. Your wedding day is important, and you want everything to go perfectly. 

You must inform your vendors about your schedule. You must ask your hairdresser and makeup artist how long it will take them to do the hair and makeup and the bridesmaids as well. Is the venue ready? The decorations and other necessary preparations must be done the night before except for the food, drinks, and flowers.

Do the wedding venue and reception cater to brunch weddings? If you are handling the preparations, you will need manpower and enough time to do everything before the wedding starts. You must also consider the details of the wedding. You might have to deal with a tight schedule and ensure that everything is ready for your big day.

Guest Attendance 

If the wedding is held earlier than usual, some of your guests may not be able to attend. You must consider your wedding guests before you decide on a brunch wedding. Is your wedding going to be held on a weekend? Are your family and friends available? Will they be able to attend? Can they commit to an early wedding schedule? 

Casual Reception 

A brunch wedding is different from traditional weddings. The typical wedding will usually last until evening with the reception and wedding party occurring with everyone enjoying their drinks while partying on the dance floor. A brunch wedding is closer to a casual garden party. However, you can change the wedding theme depending on your preference. You can have a fashionable wedding theme where everyone can dress up and have fun during your big day.

Match the Décor and Wedding Brunch Theme 

Since brunch weddings are more casual, you must ensure that the décor details match it. Instead of using oversized floral centerpieces, you can use wildflowers and mason jars. You can also ask your caterer if they can prepare a food bar instead of a traditional buffet style or sit-down meal. Casual décor items instead of the formal decors that traditional wedding use are more appropriate for a brunch wedding. 

Dance the night away on the spacious dance floor that can also be transformed into seating for your ceremony at Old General Store Wedding and Event Center.

Save Money

A brunch wedding tends to cost less than a traditional wedding. If you want to save money and you want to stick to your budget, you can choose a brunch wedding ceremony. This will help you save some of your money so you can use it after you get married.

You can go for a traditional brunch menu that will cost less compared to a multi-course dinner. One way to save while staying on theme is by going for mimosas than having a full open bar. A casual wedding dress and simple but elegant décor to fit the theme of your wedding is perfect for the atmosphere, and have the right linen, flowers, and décor to complete the look. 

Food Choices are Limited 

A brunch wedding means you have to serve brunch food to your wedding guests. You can inquire with your wedding venue if they have an in-house catering that can serve food and drinks during your wedding reception.

You can provide breakfast appetizers, such as waffles and pancakes. Coffee and espresso can be served mid-ceremony. Since most of your guests have to get ready early in the morning, a caffeine boost during mid-ceremony is a refreshing treat that can help them stay awake when you say your wedding vows. 

Simple cake flavors like Coffee cake, angel food, crepe cake, and simple pastries like donuts are good options to consider. You can also have a simple, yet elegant one-tier wedding cake to stay on theme.

Say "I do" on a beautifully designed stage reserved for your ceremony at Old General Store Wedding and Event Center.

Wedding Party 

A brunch wedding is different from a traditional one. You will not be expecting a wild dance party during brunch. A traditional wedding usually ends with people dancing after a few cocktails after the reception.

You can hire a wedding band to play wedding music so you can still dance with your partner during your reception. You must let your guests know how you will be carrying on after the reception. You can have a party after the reception or just spend the rest of the day with your partner. 

Casual Wedding Attire 

When choosing brunch wedding attire, you can inform your guests to dress up with a bright and airy daytime look. The women can go for floral, flowy dresses while the men can opt for casual suits. The bridesmaids can go for fun dresses such as floral jumpsuits or pastel gowns. 

For a brunch wedding reception or venue in Roy, Washington, Roy General Store is the perfect spot for you. We also cater to different types of events such as anniversaries, bridal showers, etc. Please contact us if you are interested to know more about our event center.

If you live in nearby cities, please let us know if you want to hire us for your event, and we can help you make arrangements. Our address is 104 McNaught Rd S Roy, WA 98580. For your future events and special occasions such as brunch weddings, make sure to choose Roy General Store. Contact us today! 


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