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The first important choice you’ll likely make while planning a wedding is the venue. This can be a difficult choice because there are many factors to consider. Here’s how you find and select the best wedding venue.

Wedding Venue Types

The most common place for weddings is a place of worship, like a church or temple. These are typically exclusively available for weddings, though some also provide reception space. Hotel weddings are especially common because you may spend the entire day there. Banquet rooms are ideal for huge weddings.

Aiming for a rustic setting? Pick a barn. Additionally, you could exchange vows at a vineyard, winery, garden, mansion, inn, eatery, municipal building, or even at your residence. There is no better wedding venue type than another. Your choices and needs for the wedding venue will determine everything.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

There are several venues available once you start looking. It can be challenging to decide which ones are worthwhile to see. Start by taking into account a few essential factors. 

Budget. How much can you spend? Consider packages if you have a limited budget because they are frequently less expensive. You might need to contact the venue to ask about rates since many don’t have them listed on the internet. Avoid looking at venues that are out of your price range since you will be disappointed if you can’t reserve them.

Location. Where do you plan to exchange vows? Is it simple to go to the location? For those who plan to drive, is there enough parking? What kind of public transportation is offered to those who refuse? How many hotels in the area can accommodate all of your guests?

Capacity. How many people can the space accommodate? It’s useless to go for a massive country mansion with a capacity for 500 visitors if you only want 50, and it’s frustrating to see a small public garden with space for 50 guests if you want 500.

Style. Is the setting your type? Is that church truly appropriate for you if you’re a contemporary couple? Is a trendy downtown restaurant the greatest option if you’ve always imagined your wedding to be the classic, white kind?

When Is the Best Time to Reserve A Venue?

Popular wedding venues frequently book up well in advance, so most couples reserve their venue about a year in advance.  If you wish to get married on a weekday or at a less popular time of year, you may be able to wait a little longer, but scheduling too close to your ideal date is generally not a smart idea. If you book very far in advance, you may also be able to get a small discount.

Where Can You Find a Venue for a Wedding?

When it comes to wedding venues, most couples begin their search on Google. Search for ‘wedding venues around me’ or wedding venues in the area where you plan to marry. This approach should provide you with a myriad of possibilities, including venues’ websites and listing sites.

Wedding fairs are another great place to look for a venue. Many locations host their wedding fairs, so you may view how the venue might appear when decorated for a wedding. Browse around the site, and meet other local wedding vendors as well.

Wedding Venues On A Budget

Don’t worry if you’re on a budget. There are some excellent wedding venue options available.

  • Family property. Is there a family member who has a vast, lovely garden? Could you get married there? Garden weddings at home are quite popular and can result in gorgeous, calm celebrations that cost nothing.
  • Small venues. Significantly affordable wedding venues are frequently available in small restaurants, neighborhood bars, and town halls. One of them can be perfect if you’re organizing a small wedding.
  • Book early. Several places offer discounts for those who plan to make reservations far in advance.
  • Choose an off-peak time. Most couples like to marry on a Saturday in the spring or summer. Because of the growing demands, these days are significantly more expensive. If you don’t mind when you marry, you are likely to save a lot of money by getting married on a weekday or in the winter or autumn.
  • Book a package. Many venues provide package prices, including venue, food, and other goods such as flowers. These are frequently less expensive and ensure that you know exactly how much everything will cost from the start, allowing you to budget accordingly.

What to Ask A Wedding Venue Rep

Ask the person showing you around a wedding venue a lot of questions when you go so you can learn everything that you can to assist you in making the best decision. All those questions can be challenging to recall while looking, so it could be helpful to list them beforehand. For your representative to research any questions they are unsure of before your appointment, you might send all of your inquiries to them. To ensure the location offers everything you require, start with the basics.

Ask questions concerning the venue and logistics, such as how to set up for the ceremony and run the reception. Your viewing is the moment to inquire if you require something particular, such as wheelchair accessibility, a quiet area for folks to unwind, or gender-neutral restrooms.

Inquire about the venue’s wedding setup. Typically, you must examine venues while they are empty (but you may be fortunate and get to see it set up for someone else’s wedding if the venue is ready in advance).

Inquire about the decor. Some locations will set up simple decorations for you, while others require you to supply everything. Ask first because some people have rules about items like burning candles or confetti.

Ask lots of questions regarding music, dancing, and any other entertainment you might like for your wedding.

Don’t forget to inquire about the payment. Even if you know the total cost or cost per person, you may have further questions about the payment option or timeline.

If you’re getting married outside, you should prepare for the worst-case scenario of the weather. Though no one likes to consider the possibility, you should ensure your venue has a backup plan. 

Though it may seem like you are asking incessant questions, you must gather all the needed details. In addition to being lovely, your venue should be able to meet all of your requirements, including having enough parking for all of your guests, nut-free food for your relative who has allergies, lodging for out-of-town guests, or a payment plan to stretch out the costs. Spend some time browsing the wedding brochures or website for the venue since these frequently provide much of this information. 

Wedding Venue in Roy, WA

Consider the Old General Store Wedding and Event Center for a lovely wedding in Roy, Washington. This location is suitable for a variety of wedding theme styles, such as rustic, vintage, romantic, historic, elegant, shabby chic, country barn, and more. Inquire at 253-459-2124 today!

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